Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Older, but not Wiser....

I spent a large part of yesterday re-doing my resume cover letter.  When I originally wrote it, I was still incredibly (perhaps overly....) optimistic about finding a job, so it was safe, said the same things everyone else's said, and basically was rather vanilla (of course, I am basically safe and rather vanilla, but that's another issue for another day).

As I am still a member of the large pool of unemployed, I decided to revamp.  My cover letter is no longer safe, talks about the bad economy and lack of jobs, and toots my own horn more than the last one did.  I decided it's time for some tooting, because goodness knows the previous letter isn't getting it done.

My new letter also stresses the fact that I have experience and wisdom.  I know this is a euphemism for old, but as I am now on the cusp of 40, I need to put a positive spin on all those gray hairs. 

After putting the finishing touches on the letter, I decided to start a new pair of socks.  I had bought some lovely Cascade sock yarn in Cape Cod, and thought I deserved a little knitting time.  I dug up the skein, which needed to be wound.  In my infinite, almost-40-year-old wisdom, I decided that it would be easier to just wind it up into a ball instead of getting a chair and retrieving my ball winder and swift from the top of my closet.

Now, I've wound a lot of yarn, both by hand and using a ball winder, and I know which is easier.  However, it seemed so logical that it would be better to just sit on the couch and do it old school, completely discounting the fact that every time I do this it takes about eleventy times longer and involves knots and disasters and a general hot mess.  After a ridiculous amount of time (and a little bit of bad language....) I ended up with this, which my dog thinks is a gift for him. 

Do you think I need to change my cover letter again?


grmybmy said...

Does it have a paragraph about teaching knitting to elementary schoolers? Maybe your should try for Home Ec!

Bezzie said...

It's funny, everyone complains that being older and more experienced screws you in the job market, but every job I've come *THIS* close to losing out on is because I was up against someone older and more experienced.

Here's hoping you're up against someone like me for your next job! ;-)