Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not Again!

Wow - long time, no post!  Things have been busy round these parts, what with another science fair project, family gatherings, the start of soccer, and yes - some job interviews!  I had sent out a resume at the last second for a job teaching 5th grade math at a really swanky middle school, and lo and behold, they called!  I've now completed my 2nd interview with them, and I guess it was a success, because they want me to come in to teach a demo lesson.  Sadly, the words "demo lesson" strike fear into my heart, as I've never done one (I've always gotten my teaching jobs in the summer when there are no kids, hence no demos), so we'll see how it goes.  There are some other interviews looming as well - who knew?

I was able to find the time to blog today, because we have once again run slap into "TV Free Week."  Now, I don't like TV Free Week.  We've done it every year since Miss Serious started Kindergarten, and seem to be the only parents around who actually participate.  I figure if we're going to make the kids shut off the TV, it's only fair that we do, too.  And, since the whole point seems to be to illustrate how much time we're actually sitting planted in front of the little box with the pretty pictures, it makes sense that we partake.  Especially since I'm one of those people who is in serious denial, and keep thinking to myself, "What?  I don't watch a lot of TV..."

So - I've read a couple of books, listened to some books on tape (David Sedaris' "Santaland" is really funny - I highly recommend it), but haven't gotten a lot of knitting done.  I've come to the frightening conclusion that I may actually knit just so I have an excuse to watch television...

The blanket does continue to grow, so much so that I'm actually using it as a little throw on the couch while I'm knitting on it (TV-less - what could be sadder?), but I can't get my computer to acknowledge that I've connected my camera, so I've stuck in some already loaded pictures of cards.  It's starting to do odder and odder things - I wonder if it misses TV too?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Of course, it's all relative, but compared to the week we had (I think it actually hit 90), a morning in the 40's is cold.  Of course, because of the bizarre weather, my kids think they can wear shorts even though it hasn't cracked 45, and they were asking me when the local pool would be open.  I tried to explain that as it is only the beginning of April, the pool will have to wait for a few months.  My favorite part of this hot week was that I actually had to slap on pantyhose on the hottest day to toddle off to a job interview.  One would think that in the first week of April I wouldn't have to sweat while wearing interview clothes, but one would be wrong.....

I did make some springy cards - I got some spiffy new paper from PTI (lovely company) with my hoarded birthday money, did some coloring and even slapped on a little glitter - because nothing says spring like a sparkly butterfly, right?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring

I love the advent of spring.  I think I must have a touch of SAD, because the winter always gets me down a bit.  It doesn't help that the cold and I are not friends, and that my circulation is stinky and causes me to lose feeling in my fingers and toes as soon as I go outside in cold weather.  I get so weary of darkness, and every year when spring starts to appear, I feel a definite lift of my spirits.  I love the buds on the tress, the warm sun coming through my windows, and all the flowers shoving their way up through the cold ground.  I even finished some really springy-looking socks, and though they are wool, they're pretty lightweight and good for this weather.

Geek that I am, the main reason I finally finished these socks is because I wanted the leftover sock yarn for my blanket (you can see a big square of it at the top).  I thought I had a lot of leftovers, but the blanket plows through them pretty fast, so I'm going to have to purchase some odd skeins if I want to continue with it, as my rate of sock knitting is not nearly fast enough to get ends to add squares.

I also must admit that I got a chuckle from knitting squares with the sock yarn while wearing the socks, but then, I am easily amused that way....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Raining....

unfortunately in my apartment.  (Well, not anymore, as this is a post from Tuesday that I couldn't get the pictures to work on.)  We have been battling leaks around our windows for years (supposedly it's coming in through the bricks of the building), and numerous companies have been called in; they set up scaffolding, bang around on the side of the building for a few days, declare the job completed, charge the building many thousands of dollars, and are on their merry way.  And then it rains again, (it has to be a rain with hard winds, and since we are so close to the coast and tall, these are not infrequent), and my windowsill once again looks like this.  It drips in weird places around the top of the window frames, and then the drips splash onto our window seat, hence the myriad of towels and containers.

Now it's finally dried out, and I've washed all the soggy towels, and put back my curtains and the cushion for the window seat.  The wood surrounding all my windows is totally trashed, but our building will take care of that once they tell us that the outside is, once again, fixed.  I'm sure it will work this time.....