Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Of course, it's all relative, but compared to the week we had (I think it actually hit 90), a morning in the 40's is cold.  Of course, because of the bizarre weather, my kids think they can wear shorts even though it hasn't cracked 45, and they were asking me when the local pool would be open.  I tried to explain that as it is only the beginning of April, the pool will have to wait for a few months.  My favorite part of this hot week was that I actually had to slap on pantyhose on the hottest day to toddle off to a job interview.  One would think that in the first week of April I wouldn't have to sweat while wearing interview clothes, but one would be wrong.....

I did make some springy cards - I got some spiffy new paper from PTI (lovely company) with my hoarded birthday money, did some coloring and even slapped on a little glitter - because nothing says spring like a sparkly butterfly, right?


Kaye said...

And I actually went pantyho-less last week! The weather confused the building--it didn't know if it should have the heat on or the A/C. So it was stuffy and blech at the office all week!
Nice springy cards!

grmybmy said...

I can't be upset with this weather after all the c**p we had for the last three months. Even if it is only 40*, anything that can flower is doing it, and yay for that!