Friday, December 31, 2010

Clearing out the Cobwebs...

Even though this place looks so dusty and unused because I haven't set foot in it since beginning my job, I'm going to try to get back on the blogging wagon.  Math and fifth graders have taken over my life for a bit, but now that I have a few months under my belt, I'm ready to get back into the habit of thinking about other things once in a while.

Work has been AWESOME, and this job is everything I could hope for (except, of course, the whole temporary thing).  I love my classroom, the kids are fabulous, and I even played in the school concert with the fifth grade band.  I've also been saddened by the prospect of having to job-hunt again in a few short months, but you can't have everything, right?

We all enjoyed Christmas, and the blizzard was an interesting surprise.  It upset our travel/family plans a little, but all in all it was more exciting than anything else.  After having no snow, a whole pile was dropped on us at once, and the kids have been enjoying the whole thing.  Not being a fan of the cold, I could do with it all melting and not snowing again for the season, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen.  My body doesn't handle cold well, a fact that was documented scientifically yesterday at the NY Hall of Science.  This was a cool camera that detected your heat levels, and showed them on the screen.  I'm standing between the kids, and now have objective proof that I get REALLY cold, and this is in a well-heated museum (my gigundo blue muppet nose is especially fetching, I think):

Stay warm, and Happy New Year!