Thursday, February 4, 2010

Socks, Socks, Socks, Socks

We go to Cape Cod pretty much every summer (when we ask the kids if they'd like to go someplace different, they are horrified - kids (and me!) don't like change...), and I have them pick out some yarn to remind us of the trip.  A souvenir they can wear, as it were, that isn't a t-shirt. 

This past summer, we found a new place, which was lovely and I hope is still there when we go back.  The kids decided to each get the same yarn, and now have matching socks.  I finished Big Trouble's quite a while ago, and now Miss Serious can sport hers as well.

I also picked up some lovely Cascade sock yarn for myself (hand-painted yarn sucks me in every time, and this is really soft and lovely), which, after my regrettable winding experience of a few days ago, is turning into a really lovely sock.  I guess I'm looking forward to spring, because all the colors I'm knitting with are cheery and bright, even if it's cold and gray and snowy outside.

* It was really cold and gray (and dark) this morning at 5:06 when the sub service called, even though I'm supposedly still not available for work....

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Bezzie said...

I love this idea of souvenirs!