Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weathering the Weather

June has definitely been odd this year. After the 4 day kick your bottom heat wave, I was so grateful to get back to normal temperatures, but lately we've been ending the day with these really spectacular thunderstorms. We have an area in front of our building which has a tendency to turn into a lake when presented with very heavy rainfall over a short period of time, and for some reason none of the drivers around here know how to drive when confronted with large (or small for that matter) pools of water. It got so ridiculous that we finally took some pictures:

There's a car under there, even though it can't be seen. They go tearing through the water so fast that the cars going in the other direction all have to stop because they can't see a darn thing. I can only hope that they are all on their way to perform emergency surgery somewhere, and not just trying to beat the red light.

However, there is a silver lining from all these wild storms - the grass and flowers are beautiful, and every once in a while nature sends us one of these:


Bezzie said...

I read on a snapple cap that rainbows can only occure in early morning and late afternoon.

I'm kind of digging the thunderstorms at the end of the day. It reminds me of Fairbanks where it does that all the time in the summer.

grmybmy said...

The storms are all staying north and we haven't had much more than a shower or two on Long Island. Except for the night we were walking down from the station holding our lightening rods above our heads--I was hoping we weren't going to become a news item...grmybmy

The Professor's Mom said...

Thank goodness for lovely rainbows!
The Professor's Mom