Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movin' On Up

Even though Miss Serious' last day of first grade is tomorrow, her class had a celebration this morning. It was so cute I almost couldn't stand it - I swear these things are planned by sadists to make us all tear up instantly. The kids read stories and poems they had written, and there was a wonderful slide show (of course set to music designed to bring out those sappy tears) and everyone did a terrific job. If I could figure out how to fuzz out faces, I would post pictures, but unfortunately my photo editing skills are basically limited to actually getting them off the camera and onto the computer.

I can't believe how the time flies, and next year Big Trouble will be joining Miss Serious at school. I can't really say it feels like yesterday that they were babies, but it really doesn't feel like 7 years. Congratulations on a wonderful year, Miss Serious. We couldn't be prouder of you.


The Professor said...

I completely agree with Mother Necessity. We are always proud of you, Miss Serious, and we love you buckets!

Bezzie said...

Good lord we had a photo music montage too. I couldn't keep it in!

They grow up so fast!