Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Theory of Relativity

I live in a strange place, moneywise. The area where I live is absolutely beautiful - near the city, near the water, and has lots of wonderful amenities. These amenities are paid for out of the buckets of property taxes that people pay here. Unlike us, who own a 2-bedroom apartment, most people here pay enormous sums of money (the cheapest house around here starts at above half a million, and comes with 2 bedrooms and $12,000 a year in property taxes) to enjoy everything this area has to offer.

It's also an interesting place to live when you don't have an income which rivals the GNP of many developing nations around the world, and leads to a lot of comparisons with the Joneses that we have no business making. We're teachers; we chose our professions because we love them, and knew that they would never make us rich. We have a wonderful quality of life, but it's easy to forget that and wallow in self-pity when you are surrounded by people flying off for spiffy vacations, owning gorgeous homes, and being able to supply their children with pretty much anything they would like. At such times, it's important to remember that wealth is relative, and that we are incredibly lucky to have what we do.

I found this link for the Global Rich List the other day, and it made me more grateful than I have been in a long time. Give it a try, and I'll bet you agree.

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The Professor said...

Excellent post, MN! Hopefully others will read and feel the same.