Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A-Hunting We Will Go

Big Trouble has the incredible knack of finding money pretty much everywhere he goes. He not only looks for money, he listens for it. He can hear the jingle of dropped coins all the way across a crowded Target, and his head swivels around like a shot as he announces "I hear money!" My younger brother had this ability when we were growing up as well. I don't know why he didn't bump into hundreds of telephone poles and signposts (maybe he did and just never admitted it) because he walked with his eyes glued to the ground in search of loot. Once we were on a train, and he put his hand down in between the seats and pulled out a roll of 100 postage stamps. I decided I should do the same, and pulled out my hand covered in black slime.

This week Big Trouble was searching between the couch cushions for a lost toy when he pulled out a quarter; the child's eyes opened quite wide, as this was a whole new avenue of money possibilities opening up before him. I'm pretty sure it was lost by an unsuspecting guest, as we hold onto our change like grim death round these parts, but Big Trouble decided to kick his search up a notch:

The hunt continued for quite a while, including the request that I remove myself from the other cushion of the couch so that he could be more thorough. He didn't come up with any more cash, but it certainly wasn't from lack of effort.

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