Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Love Free!

I am the one who is home, so I do the majority of the shopping for the house. As we needed some things for the Flag Day cupcakes, I recently stopped off at my local supermarket. I needed cupcake liners and Crisco. I know, Crisco is not good for you, but it makes very nice frosting. I even sucked it up and paid the extra $2.00 for the name brand (GASP!) because they've dropped their trans-fats. This was not easy for me, as the concept of willingly paying more for something goes completely against my cheap nature, but it went in my cart anyway.

We (Big Trouble and myself) brought our purchases to the cashier, paid, and then, as is my normal procedure, I scanned the receipt. And, as is also generally normal procedure, we headed to customer service because they overcharged me for the Crisco. I think my children think that when you go shopping, there are always two stops - cashier and then customer service; they consider this a typical shopping trip with mom, just like they're never surprised when we're driving somewhere and have to turn around because we're lost.

I love the store policy that if the items scans incorrectly, you get it for free, and this particular store had this policy. So, I walked out with a big tub of free Crisco and a smile on face.

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Bezzie said...

Oof. I know I hate the way there are no store-brands of Crisco! But good job scanning the receipt!