Monday, March 24, 2008

Relaxing Holidays

Why is it that children seem to instinctively know when you desperately need sleep and are able to time their (very) early morning visits accordingly? The Professor's parents and my parents live about 15 minutes apart, so holidays become an extravaganza of visiting everyone we are related to on the same day. So 3 egg hunts, 2 full (giant & delicious) meals, multiple desserts and jellybeans, 2 car rides with fun holiday traffic, 4 bouts of carsickness and 1 child's late evening stomachache to round out the evening, Easter was over and everyone was thankful to crawl into bed. Big Trouble, using the aforementioned children's powers, came creeping in well before 6:00. What with daylight savings and all, it's still quite dark before 6:00.

Luckily, children are cute, even in the dark.

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