Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cornbread Dreams

Being a teacher and someone who has always loved to read, I eagerly looked forward to the time when my children would be able to read on their own and enjoy books as much as I do. Big Trouble has recently been branching out into choosing his own literature:

So nice to see a young child enjoying books, but to truly appreciate his choice, you must look closer:

Ah yes - that is what you think it is - an entire book with recipes for cornbread (Who knew such a thing existed? Who knew it was possible? Who knew my five year old would feel the need to check it out of the library?). Those little scraps of paper stuck in the pages are bookmarks which he cut out himself (leaving a pile of tiny pieces of white paper on my floor a la snowflake cutting season) and placed to mark the recipes he thought would be best. I'm not sure what his criteria was for picking his favorites, but apparently he has about 56 that he would like to try.

I'm not sure what we're having for dinner tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it will involve cornbread.

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