Monday, March 3, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

I'm knitting a sweater - for myself. This is a rare occurrence here at Chez Necessity, as I tend to prefer the more instant gratification of smaller items, such as baby sweaters, hats, socks - you get the picture. Also, as I tend toward the cheap frugal, it pains me to lay out all of those hard earned dollars for enough yarn for an actual adult sweater. But, I had some lovely alpaca that I just picked up on sale, and it's enough for a sweater for me. I hunted all over the internet trying to find just the right pattern, and came up empty. I finally decided on a plain cardigan with shaping, which was actually written for the yarn in question. I finished half of the front, and it doesn't look like it can possibly become a sweater.

(Big Trouble took the picture - not bad for a 5 year old - it would probably help if I didn't have a green shirt on to contrast so well with the green knitting...)

The measurements match the schematics in the pattern, but it seems awfully skinny. Why this doesn't deter me I have no idea, but I am now knitting the second half of the front:

Somehow I think the cure for one piece that is too small is a second piece that is equally too small. I guess I figure the heavens will smile on me when they realize that I have put all this work into the sweater, and will magically make it fit.

I'm not holding my breath, although that may be the secret to get the thing buttoned...

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