Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Yeah - It Plays Music Too!

I am not a particularly techie person.  I know how to use the aging electronics that we have, and I'm not interested in getting the newest, shiniest, most up-to-date gadgets.  That is, until Apple wormed their evil way into my home via my (ancient, giant, not flat screen, LCD, etc.) television.

This evil influence came in the form of a commercial for the iPhone.  Now, I almost never use my cell phone.  I got it so the school could contact me in an emergency, and mine has pre-paid minutes and costs me about $5 a month.  I have no interest in actually talking on an iPhone.  What immediately captured my attention, however, was the touch screen.

I was entranced.  I couldn't look away.  Every time the commercial came on, I would call The Professor in to come and see it (a request which was met with not a little eye rolling....).  I loved the way you could flick the pages with your finger.  I loved that you could just touch the screen and make it do what you want.  I even loved the level application they showed on the commercial (you know - so I can check to make sure everything is level when I'm out and about).

However, I'm cheap, I don't want an iPhone, and I tried to move on.  Then, I saw the iTouch.  All the cool touch screen features of the iPhone, but without the whole phone thing (which also requires a giant monthly fee - something I always try to avoid).

Again, I let it go.  I already had an iPod, it worked fine, and it was silly to yearn for this ridiculous toy.  The Professor, however, had other ideas.  He's been doing some consulting work (which sadly pays almost as much per hour as I get all day subbing) and at this point my old iPod started refusing to interface with my computer.  So with a little (sadly only a very little) prodding, I am now the proud owner of a shiny, sleek awesome little box of ridiculousness.

I downloaded a whole pile of (free!) games and apps (including the level thingy, of course), and it is amusing not only me, but my children.
I'm actually embarrassed to own it, because it seems to go against all the things in my nature I hold near and dear (the cheapness, the unwillingness to change, the lack of techie-ness - you know - all those wonderful qualities that make me into the odd package that I am).  Now, off to make sure the world is level....

P.S.  I added fish to the blog (silly, I know, but again, it amuses me, and that's really what it's all about....); you may have seen this before, but if not, if you click on the tank it gives them food....


grmybmy said...

I love the fish! And you don't even have to play miniature golf first!

Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

The iphone is sucking everyone in!!

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I would have felt the same way--but b/c I've expressed my apple-non-love quite verbally.