Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dirt Is My Rosin

Well, it's been quite a week.  Last week, while putting away Christmas decorations, I fell off a chair.  Not like I was sitting on the chair and happened to fall off, no, I was standing on said chair and decided that I needed to find out what was in the back of the top shelf of my kids' closet.  Next thing I know I have fallen from midair and THUDDED onto the floor.  I cannot imagine what the noise sounded like from below, but as it was the middle of the day, hopefully my downstairs neighbor didn't have to hear it. 

It was one of those falls where it happens before you know it, and as I lay on the ground making sure everything moved the way it was supposed to, the only real thought that comes to mind is something along the lines of "Idiot.....".  I landed mostly on my left side, and apart from being a bit sore, no big deal.

Fast forward to today.  I made the mistake of vacuuming (see - putting things away, vacuuming - I knew they were dangerous, and thus why I try to avoid them at all costs...).  I was walking across my living room rug holding an empty coffee mug and took one step onto the hardwood floors.  Next thing you know, there was another fabulous THUD, and there I was on the floor again.  The mug was miraculously unbroken, and other than some bumps and bruises on my right side I seem to be ok.

Luckily, my bruises are now symmetrical, and I've sworn off cleaning until my skin has regained its former hues.

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grmybmy said...

Must be genetic. Good news, the coffee mug was empty...My poor carpet in my sewing room will never be the same!