Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time Marches On

Well, after being in a funk for several days (as my job interview was last Monday and no calls have arrived to my home asking me to come work for them, my assumption is that they have gone a different way...) I'm back to the blog.

The kids had their Flag Day picnics on Monday. They were fun, and much less eventful than last year. I went to Big Trouble's and The Professor went to Miss Serious'. I have a feeling I won, because Miss Serious had water games at hers, but I guess mud is in the eye of the beholder. Big Trouble's featured a bouncy castle; it was brought by someone who actually owns one (people own way too much superfluous stuff here) and the party was hosted at a house that actually made me catch my breath the first time I saw it (Big Trouble had a playdate there - I always wonder how the parents feel when they pick their kids up from my apartment on the top floor of a 4-story walk-up. The kids think it's an adventure, but I have a feeling their parents have different thoughts going through their heads).

Luckily, as the job hunting is going slow (really slow) I got some things done:


Bezzie said...

The job interview might surprise you yet. Employers are notoriously slow hiring people.

Gah! I need to keep coming here--your cards are amazing! I really need to make myself a small stash of them for birthdays/graduations/baby poppings.

Sue said...

Time marches on and waits for no one! - Frank Procaccini of BHS

grmybmy said...

Great cards! And one sock. I'm sure the next blog will show two feet...GB