Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Flag Day!

I never used to know the date of Flag Day, as somehow it didn't seem to figure prominently in my life in any way, but the schools make a big deal about it. When I was teaching, we used to have an interminable assembly with all the local grand poobahs and what-not. It was bearable when held outside on a nice day, but when it rained it got moved inside to the sweltering hot (and when all those kids got together on a warm day in June things got a tad whiffy) auditorium. Good times.

Now that my kids are in school, Flag Day is a really big deal. We didn't realize this, and when we innocently arrived at Miss Serious' Kindergarten Flag Day concert a couple years back, we were unprepared for the masses of parents, grandparents, third cousins, etc. that arrived, every one of them attached to a video camera.

This year, sadly, as Big Trouble has been quarantined, both he and I had to miss it. The Professor took wonderful pictures and videos of the presentation in Big Trouble's Kindergarten and Miss Serious' concert. She did a wonderful job, despite the nerves which kept her up past 10:00 last night! All's well that ends well, I guess.

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Bezzie said...

Hmmm...I guess Jersey kids are unpatriotic--or maybe they're waiting til Monday to celebrate since Flag Day's on a weekend???