Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Trouble, Big Bruise

Big Trouble gave himself his name; when he was around 3, he announced his entrance into a room with the phrase, "Here comes Big Trouble!" He's actually a very sweet, relatively gentle boy, but still being a 6 year old gets into his fair share of nonsense.

We've been lucky here at Chez Necessity - the kids have had no major injuries to speak of - no stitches, broken bones, or major wounds. We do all get our fair share of bruises, however, and Big Trouble bestowed a lovely one on his head last night:

He apparently was picking up his washcloth off the bottom of the tub in the shower (with his eyes closed, mind you) and whacked his head on the soap dish. The Professor iced it up right away, while I looked up concussions on the computer. As he wasn't twitching or turning funny colors, we let him go about his business. This morning it looks like this:

It matches the one he got on the other side. When he came home from kindergarten last week, he had rather a big goose egg on his forehead. When questioned what happened, he answered cheerfully that another child had kicked him in the head. Although I was picturing some sort of roundhouse action on the playground, it was apparently benign, occurring while they were lying on the floor listening to music and one child caught him in the head by accident.

Good times, good times....

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grmybmy said...

Aw! Poor BT! Such gorgeous eyes should never be topped by such a bump! GB