Monday, June 8, 2009

All Done!

Had my job interview first thing this morning, and I think it went well. I didn't stammer or knock anything over, so pretty good in my book! The school is beautiful, and I think it would be an awesome place to work. They said that they will narrow the field down to 4 or 5 to teach a demo lesson (scary - never had to do one of those!) but would let me know either way, which I really appreciate. I was the first interview, and they said they will be interviewing all week, so hopefully I'll hear something next week!

My mom threw a baby shower this weekend, so I was able to divert myself from pre-interview stress by acting as kitchen help and making these:

And outside of the kitchen I made these:

Took the edge off, and made the weekend fly by!


Bezzie said...

Beautiful cupcakes!!!

Don't worry--the hardest part is over! (Well OK except for the actual job! ;-) )

grmybmy said...

The cupcakes were (are still) gorgeous, and the kitchen help was much appreciated. Thanks, MN. If they don't hire you, they're making the biggest mistake of this year! GB