Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer is Awesome!

Especially on the day before vacation! We leave for Cape Cod (frighteningly) early in the morning tomorrow. We learned that this is necessary through trial and error, unfortunately. When one rents a cabin on Cape Cod, the time period is always Saturday to Saturday. This means that EVERYONE will be trying to get over two rather skinny bridges at the exact same time. This does not make for fun travel. Thus the early departure.

We also learned (again through trial and error) that EVERYONE also must leave on Saturday over the same two rather skinny bridges. Why this didn't occur to us on the way over the first year, I have no idea, but we did wise up. We've learned to also leave (frighteningly) early, and even though it seems like it would be nice to savor the last day of vacation and stretch it out, sitting in a bajillion mile line of traffic doesn't really fit that bill.

So, we're all (mostly) packed up (Big Trouble has been demanding to know all week why I'm not packing), I've chosen the knitting projects to take (sadly I spent more time on this decision than on what either I or the children will be wearing), and we're ready to roll. See you next week!

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the Professor's mom said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time and experience clear sailing on the roads.
The professor's mom