Monday, August 11, 2008

Recovering From Vacation

Well, we're back from beautiful Cape Cod. We had a wonderful time, and got through almost everything on our list. We ate way too much fried seafood, walked many miles of lovely trails, and swam in several different bodies of water. We even managed to take some pictures:

I brought home a couple of beautiful things:

This is a lovely, etched glass from Scargo Pottery, a cluster of studios in the woods. They are often at work at the pottery wheels, and Miss Serious spent a long time watching them work. They even gave the kids a big lump of clay to work on at home. Miss Serious has been mentioning for a while that she would like pottery lessons - not really an easy home hobby, but maybe we'll find something local.

The kids picked these out at Ladybug Knitting. They both have champagne tastes, I'm afraid - they picked out some of the loveliest (and priciest!) yarns in the shop. The left is Silky Socks from The Adirondack Yarn Company, and the right is ArtYarns handpainted merino. Luckily, they really appreciate the things knitted out of yarn they picked out themselves, and they like remembering their vacation.

And finally, the beginnings of Clapotis #3, worked on in the car on the way there:

I managed to pick up some sort of bug as well, so came home with a racking cough and didn't get any knitting done on the way home. For some reason I don't concentrate well when bringing up a lung every 10 minutes...

All in all, a wonderful week. What can be bad about a place where you eat ice cream at least once a day?


Bezzie said...

What a relaxing looking vacation.

I remember playing with clay in HS...I could see where it could get addicting.

The Professor's Mom said...

The pictures from your vacation look beautiful. Cape Cod is a nice place to vacation. Sorry you didn't feel well during the trip.
The Professor's Mom