Friday, April 4, 2008

Tooth or Consequences

The Tooth Fairy has been visiting our home for about a year now; unfortunately, our Tooth Fairy is not the sharpest fairy in the forest. Last year, Miss Serious lost a tooth, placed it excitedly under her pillow and drifted off to sleep dreaming of riches to come. Sadly, the next morning she woke us up in tears holding her tooth pillow which still contained only a tooth. Mind you, this was only tooth number 3. One would think that the Tooth Fairy would not have run out of steam so early on in the game. The Professor explained that since Miss Serious had lost her tooth so late in the evening, she probably hadn't gotten on the schedule in time, and to try again the next night. Luckily, the next night she was rewarded for her patience with double the normal amount of money.

Things went along quite smoothly for the next couple of teeth, and then a few days ago Miss Serious lost another tooth. This time she wrote a note and placed it with the tooth asking the Tooth Fairy what she looked like. The Tooth Fairy very kindly answered said note in beautiful, pink, swirly letters. The note and the money were exchanged for the tooth, and all was seemingly well. Alas, it was not so. Miss Serious woke up and very happily read her note and put her money in her bank. And then, she discovered her tooth on the table, where apparently the Tooth Fairy, unable to do two things at the same time, had placed it while replying to the note.

Can you fire a Tooth Fairy?

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