Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Here at Chez Necessity we (okay, mostly I) don't like spending money. I like to reuse things until they literally fall apart, and even then, I try to nurse them along for as long as I can. Case in point is my clothes drying rack; a piece has broken off, and to keep it from falling over when more than 1 sock is placed on it, it is now being held together by an assortment of twist ties and rubber bands, with greater or lesser success, depending on the day. The Professor does most of the laundry round these parts, and is barely tolerating this foolhardy attempt to avoid buying a new rack.

However, we are are trying to be more environmentally friendly; thus, I have been valiantly washing and reusing our plastic water bottles. This was very successful, until we started hearing about all the pesky possibilities of plastic molecules leaching into the water; I avoided thinking about this for a long time, but finally it was time to take steps.

Meet the newest members of our family:

These are SIGG water bottles, and are apparently on the cutting edge of water drinking technology. We got good recommendations on them, and ordered them from So, many dollars later (The Professor had to order them, as it was too painful for me) we have recycled our old plastic water bottles. The ones The Professor and I got for ourselves are flask shaped - I thought they would fit better in a bag when going to work; there is a side benefit of people thinking you're hitting the bottle during a particularly long, drawn out meeting.

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