Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Days I Love the Mail!

Some days I open my mailbox, and can just dump the whole pile in the recycling bin. One would think I have an independent fortune judging from the number of credit card solicitations and charity requests that I receive. Some days, the mail is a wonderful surprise; I had birthday money which desperately needed to be spent, and I placed two orders, both of which arrived on the same day.
This is Cotton Fleece from Little Knits - it was half price, because the dye wasn't as expected. The colors are beautiful, and as I'm only making single color garments, colorfastness isn't such an issue. I was so impressed with their service - very quick and with a personal touch. The green has become:

It's Green Gable, and after several false starts (I was unable to remember which row I was on when doing the lace, and then realized when I tried it on about halfway through that the gauge was off) it's looking nice. I've knit one of these already, and was really impressed with the pattern. It knit up really quickly, and fits perfectly - let's hope this one does the same. The second package contained this:

These are from Knitpicks - I got some undyed sock yarn to try my hand at self-striping dyeing (I can almost see The Professor rolling his eyes), some colors for the yoke of my alpaca sweater, and some cotton to make this:

It will eventually be the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan from Lace Style. I now have an awful lot of projects on my needles, and strangely, most of them are for me. I usually don't make sweaters for myself, sticking to the smallest members of my family. I love instant gratification, and knitting little items really works for me. Plus, when you knit a sweater for a small child, fit isn't such a crisis - a little big? It'll do for next year. A little small? Anything looks good on a cute kid. Sadly, these rules don't apply nearly as well to the adult portion of the population. Were I to wear an ill-fitting hand-knitted garment, I have a sneaking suspicion that it would simply be viewed as a cry for help.

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