Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only 255 Days Left Until Christmas

I like to knit people (small people) things for Christmas; it allows me to feel like I'm doing something productive - even though I just look like I'm sitting on the couch knitting, I'm really making Christmas gifts. Who can argue with that? Last year I ended up in a really ugly crunch with finals to grade, holiday baked goods to make, and some very rushed knitted items, a combination that makes for a less than merry mom.

This year I decided to try to get a jump on things, and just finished this for my niece:

It's a Lion Brand pattern, and went together nicely - the seed stitch cuffs and button band in the darker color added a lot of interest to the plain stockinette.

Her brother will be getting this:

It's Trellis from Knitty. The cable pattern is really nice, but the math required is causing me pain - I've ripped out the shaping more than a few times, but I think I've got it now.

I'm always torn about knitting things for the littlest members of my extended family; I hate to think I'll be thought of as that crazy aunt who always gave them sweaters, but it may be my destiny.

Why fight it? Fa La La La La, La La La La.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful knitting. I especially like the finished cardi.

About 10 years ago ... in the Spring, we proposed that our siblings & their families stopped exchanging Christmas gifts with us. It's been a tremendous relief.

DH & I have .... about ..... 22 nieces and nephews. Now some of them are even parents. I'm so glad we called it quits. (But for us, it had become an exercise in exchanging gift certificates.)


Abril said...

Wow! I tried to beat the Christmas rush didn't work. My New year's resolutions are always the same : loose weight/excersise more and be more organized...maybe this will be the year ;-)