Monday, September 7, 2009

Well It Happened Again

The kids started a new year of school! Even though today is Labor Day, the kids' school district decided to be all mavericky and start last week. I know Labor Day is late, but we have never gone back beforehand. I checked all the area school districts, and we seem to be the only ones. I was happy with it - they were ready to go back, and now they have some wiggle room if there are snow days. Miss Serious, being a 3rd grader, moved to a different school; though she was a bit apprehensive at first, she did announce that "Third grade is going to be the best year ever!" Big Trouble was as cheerful as ever to toddle off to first grade, and everyone already seems to be settled in. The Professor goes back tomorrow, and as I've got a couple of weeks before I go, I'm going to try to do some of the little jobs 'round the house that never seems to get taken care of when everyone's here and asking for meals and snacks around the clock.

I took the quiet time to finish these. They are from the Cascade Sassy Stripes I got in Cape Cod, and Big Trouble is very pleased with them. Now to start a pair for Miss Serious - she has requested anklets, so my lucky day!


grmybmy said...

You have ruined me forever--all I wear anymore are your lovely handmade wool socks!

Bezzie said...

Our elementary school divided when we hit 3rd grade too. I thought we were just weird--I'm glad to hear we're not!!!