Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marian's Back!

I haven't had much time to myself these days, because I'm working!! Yes, that's right, a wage earner once more. I was supposed to start last week and shadow the exiting librarian for 3 days, but her baby had other plans. So, I started last Monday all on my own, and have been scrambling around ever since, trying desperately to look/sound/act like a library media specialist. I can easily pass for the "library" part of that job description, but the "media specialist" bit is more of a sticky wicket.

I am not a techie type person; I know how to use my computer, and how to do the things I need to do to go to my little websites. Now, however, I find myself teaching 4th graders how to use flash drives; this involves me having a meeting with the awesome tech assistant, writing myself a little cheat sheet, and then teaching the class. So far, so good. I think if I were teaching middle school I'd be in big trouble, but these guys are young enough that we are (sadly) about on the same technical level.

Next week I have to teach 3rd graders how to graph in Excel. That is, after I've taught myself....


Kaye said...

Does it blow your mind you're doing this? I like to think I'm not that old, and we didn't even HAVE computers til I was nearly out of gradeschool.
Excel is'll do fine!

Sue said...

Yay!! You go Girl!