Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still Alive

No, I am neither dead nor trapped under something heavy - I've just filled my brain with too many items, and something will invariably lose out; in this case, it's the blog. The kids have just finished their spring vacation, so a few brain cells have become available.

Even though I've been silent (at least here...) we've been busy. During the break, the kids and I hopped to and fro, desperately trying to pretend that it is actually spring, even though the weather keeps trying to talk us out of that crazy delusion. We went to the LI Children's Museum with cousins, and had a really wonderful time (no good pictures for the blog, I'm afraid); we went to the orchid show at the New York Botanical Gardens, which could not have been more stunning:

the kids hunted for Easter eggs:

and just generally enjoyed themselves. I've been subbing a lot, which is great, and have been working on my resume, which is less than great. I don't think anyone enjoys the job-hunting process (maybe there are some sadistic souls out there who do, but I am certainly not one of them), but it's one of those necessary evils, I suppose. I've applied for a couple of things already, and it's still a bit early for postings. We'll see.

Now that everyone is back in their routine, I hope to get back into mine, such as it is. Now if spring would just try a little harder....


Bezzie said...

Woah! That pic of the kids at the orchid show--you're right--stunning!!!

Sue said...

Yay! You are back!