Monday, April 20, 2009

Creativity, But Not My Own

I've always been incurably nosy, and one of the things that always fascinates me is the way people choose to spend their time, both in work and leisure. I'm forever intrigued by people that have a passion for something, whether it be knitting, writing, kite flying, or whatever. The passion is what I find wonderful. When they start talking about their favorite subject, their eyes light up, and it's abundantly clear that they love whatever it is they're discussing.

Thus, I love trolling the web for people's blogs; not only does it allow me to peek into someone's life, but the authors usually write about whatever their passion happens to be. I came across this one recently; it's about book and magazine covers, and is really neat. It's an interesting window into a subject I know almost nothing about, but as an avid reader, I am grateful that someone else does.

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Bezzie said...

No kidding. That blog reminds me of my sister and her product copy. Somebody has to write the description of the Chips Ahoy cookies that you read on the package. And it's a lot more complex than you'd think--just like those covers. The processes are fascinating.