Tuesday, April 28, 2009

45 Minutes?

Yeah, I don't think so. In my search for a teaching job, I decided to apply to New York City, as the Bronx is right next to Westchester, and Westchester teaching jobs are frighteningly competitive. Everything is done on line these days, and you complete one application for all schools in the NYC school system. The website claims that the application will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Hmmmm......

Now, I don't consider myself a particular nitwit, but apparently time in my world is extremely different than that of the NYC public school system. I especially enjoy the fact that once you submit your application, you can go back and change some sections, but not the 2 essays. (Yeah - 2 essays. I must say, there is definitely something surreal about being 39 and writing job application essays meant for 22 year olds) Thus, being the somewhat neurotic soul that I am, I felt the need to re-read (and also make The Professor re-read) said essays about eleventy million times, hunting for typos and unfortunate grammatical mishaps.

This morning, however, after spending a frightening amount of time on the thing (again, slightly more than the 45 minute estimate) I pushed the "submit" button and finally sent it on its merry way. Godspeed, job application, I wish you well.


Sue said...

Good Luck!

Bezzie said...

Good luck! I'll be honest, that fabled NYC "rubber room" kind of scares me.