Monday, February 16, 2009

You Should Put Some Ice On That

Well, the combination of things being busy and me feeling a bit under the weather have created a dearth of blog posts, but after a day of rest (thank you Professor!) I'm feeling more myself, and able to come up with a string of words to create at least one coherent sentence.

The kids are on their President's Week break, so today, as The Professor had the day off as well, we went ice skating. Miss Serious has been seriously lobbying to go ice skating for a while now, which is interesting considering that the last time we took her, she and Big Trouble decided after 10 minutes (and $38 dollars!!) that they had had enough. I was even more intrigued when she announced last year that she wanted to be a professional figure skater. Not wanting to dampen her childish enthusiasm, I resisted the urge to giggle and/or laugh derisively.

The kids really got the hang of things this year, and were actually getting to a comfort level (albeit with either a wall or adult hand or both) on the ice. And then, the little girl coming up behind Big Trouble, instead of going around him began to shout, "Excuse me!" causing him, in his polite way to turn around and see what the problem was. Big Trouble has not learned how to turn around while ice skating, thus:

Let me tell you, there is not anything more sickening than the CRACK of your child's face hitting the ice. He handled it very well, and even went back out skating. This is what it looked like after only about 2 hours, so I'm expecting that by tomorrow it will be quite spectacular.

Luckily, getting to choose a special dessert seems to heal all wounds. Ironically he chose ice cream....


The Professor said...

Well, you're welcome for the day of rest, MN.

Big Trouble really punished that rink today. After seeing the results on his face, I was very proud of him for getting back out there.

I think he chose a frozen dessert to show the ice who was boss. How very Keyser Soze of him: "You hurt me... Now I will eat your family."

Sue said...

Since AMC had a Godfather marathon all weekend and Jon being Jon watched them all.... the words "You can act like a man" came to mind!
I am very proud of BT getting back on the ice! Good for you! xoxo

grmybmy said...

Poor BT! I always say "It's hard to have a good time!" May you choose something softer for today's amusments. GB

Bezzie said...

Man, I cringed just reading your description of watching it. OUCH! Poor guy! Hope he feels better!