Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Done!

What with Miss Serious being ill for about forever this past month, I got quite a bit of knitting done, actually beginning and finishing these little fingerless gloves (now now, don't be jealous of my stunning manicure....). They are Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts, and I have to say it was a charming pattern. It was easy to follow, even for someone whose brain was only semi-functional due to being woken up repeatedly with a sick child and not being able to leave the house for what felt like an eternity.

These passed the time nicely, and now I have a pair of fingerless gloves to replace the ones eaten by moths. Sadly, they don't really match my coat; my coat is brown, although this morning in the car when discussing the fact that these gloves don't quite match my coat, The Professor announced, "Of course they don't - that coat (mind you, I was wearing it at the time) is green." This coat is clearly brown. Then, to add to the strangeness, Miss Serious agreed with him. Big Trouble sided with me. I'm still somewhat floored by the debate, as the COAT IS BROWN, but unfortunately a different brown than the gloves - apparently a more greeny version of brown, if some people are to be believed.

I used Knitpicks Palette, and went up a needle size from what was called for in the pattern; I tend to be a tight knitter, so this was to be expected. I really liked the yarn for this kind of work; it wasn't splitty and showed great stitch definition. I thought it might be a little scratchy to wear, but it's not, and it's very warm.

I'm always grateful when I'm pleased with a finished project; sadly, many things have come off the needles only to be put away in a drawer because something is not quite right about them. I wore these today, and as long as the moths don't get ahold of them, they'll get a lot of use. (Even if my coat is green.....)


The Professor said...

OK, I looked at the coat again in the closet... and it is brown.

Honestly, in the car it totally looked green to me. A trick of the light? Does a brown coat against a gray background look green? Was the green hat you were wearing bleeding it's greenness downward?

Now you know why I ask you what color my socks are.

Bezzie said...

I think they'd match a green brown coat just fine. I like them! Chocolate strawberry endpapers!

Sue said...

I love them!

grmybmy said...

How odd. What does TP have to say about your eye color? Or his, for that matter? Nice gloves, in any color! GB

The Professor said...

Funny that MN's eye color should be mentioned, because her eyes are green and brown. I can't be wrong (at least about that)!

As for my own eye, these days they are red. Too much computer and too little sleep.

Jana said...

Oh, MN, they are LOVELY! If you would ever like to commission a pair, you have my email. My mother said she won't knit patterns. :(