Friday, February 27, 2009

Fast February

February is such a sneaky month. After the holidays, time seems to be really poky, and wanders on into February, which seems to go on forever, what with its cold, dark days. And then, wham! It's March. It wouldn't be such a problem, except Miss Serious' birthday is in the second week of March. And that means birthday parties - one for family, and one for her friends.

Miss Serious is extremely attached to the idea of having her friends to a birthday party, and even though my party hosting skills are minimal at best, she always has grand plans of themes and activities. I try to accommodate these ideas, if I can, because we are not following the trend of children's parties around here, which involves inviting the entire class, having it at a "party place" and ending with the writing of an enormous check.

Last year it was a tea party. Miss Serious not only dressed up in a very fancy dress, but required all of us to wear our finery. The tea was complete with crustless tea sandwiches, scones, fine china, etc. After it was all placed on the table in all its tea party goodness, one child looked up at me and asked, in a disapproving tone, "So this is lunch, huh?" This remark notwithstanding, a fine time seemed to be had by all.

This year it's a book party. I love the fact that my kids really enjoy reading, and Miss Serious decided that everyone should come dressed as their favorite book character. She wanted invitations that looked like books, so we came up with:
And, since February has almost vanished, I realized these needed to get in the mail like, today. So, while the kids ate their breakfast, I dragged out my calligraphy pen and wrote addresses (she wanted the cards to look like a fancy invitation). They are now in the mail, and hopefully in a couple of weeks nine little girls will arrive at out house dressed as goodness knows what.

Sadly, I've since discovered that Miss Serious again expects the entire family to dress accordingly. As all I seem to read these days are cookbooks, I wonder if I could rustle up a sticky bun costume...

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