Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well, We Got Out...

Well, I finally made it outside today for a non-doctor related outing. Miss Serious made it back to school yesterday, but sadly I needed to keep Big Trouble home, as he sprouted a temperature the night before (I swear, I was about ready to gouge out both my eyes with that thermometer...). He seemed incredibly healthy all day, and I'm ashamed to say that I halfway wished he was ill - a sick child is a quiet child. A healthy child is rather a lunatic who requires you to play games with him all day when he's home from school and has no sibling to play with.

After being stuck inside for about a bajillion days in a row, everyone was a little insane antsy, so I decided to bundle us all up and take a pleasant walk to the library. This seemed like a wonderful plan, and one certainly could not have predicted the outcome.

As we were happily walking along, we saw a seagull venturing across the road (this is a really busy main road, with 2 lanes in each direction). All three of us were watching said seagull, who seemed to have difficulty with one of his wings, and thus could only fly a few feet off the ground. Unfortunately, this happened to be exactly the height of the grill on an SUV, which came flying down the road at 60 mph, connecting with the poor seagull with a sickening thud.

It's always a treat seeing something that horrifying, but it's certainly made extra special when your two young children are watching it along with you.

R.I.P. little seagull - we were rooting for you.

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Bezzie said...

Oh yeah, we watched the same thing involving a sparrow and a taxicab right outside the Bronx zoo. You always assume they'll get out of the way!