Friday, January 16, 2009

The Friendly Skies

I don't fly often, mostly out of lack of funds. Also, being a somewhat highly-strung personality, I am not the most comfortable person in the air. I know that it is infinitely safer than traveling by car. I KNOW this. And yet, when I am in a plane (only taken 3 round trips in my life) and it begins its ascent, I can't quiet the little voice that keeps saying, "You know, this is just not possible."

Well, we finally got ourselves together and decided to go visit my grandparents in Florida. They moved down several years ago, and even though they come up to visit regularly, it would be nice to see where they live and enjoy a little Florida sunshine. We began hunting on the web for airfares - I admit to being somewhat stunned by the costs, especially when you added in the "taxes and fees" portion, which is so adorably left off the fare price. In this state of shock, we actually began exploring taking the train - oh my gosh - not much cheaper, and a 26 hour trip, the last 3 1/2 of which are on a bus. Yes, on a bus. Taking such an excursion with a 6 and 7 year old began to sound like one of Dante's circles of hell. So, we thought, we could drive. Yes drive! We could see the South. Hmmm.... then we'll need to pay for hotels. The Professor to the rescue - we can camp! Yes - camping! And then we remembered that in the summer (when such an excursion would need to take place) the South tends to get a tad warm. And they have really big bugs.

Surprisingly, we thus hopped back onto the airline sites, and said airfares began looking much more reasonable. We found some flights that would work, and got ready to book. Then The Professor calls me over to the television and we see this:

(Credit: Janis Krums)

What an amazing story - even more amazing that everyone was safe. I couldn't bring myself to book the flights last night, although it did occur to me that airlines should be offering a substantial discount to anyone who booked that day.

We'll get back on that horse and book soon, although I have the distinct feeling that the little voice in my ear will be a bit louder on the flight. Fortunately, this time around my children will probably drown it out.


Kaye said...

They should have jacked the prices up! Because what are the chances of lightning striking twice (i.e. two plane crashes so close together)? Call me crazy, but I am always happy to fly after a major plane crash because of this fact! Ha ha!

And as for those airfares--that's why we haven't been back home to AK in nine years. It's cheaper to fly to freakin' Europe! But I'm not bitter. ;-)

grmybmy said...

Hmmmmm...I can't deny the take-off/landing prayers, but I figure I have to go with the odds. Plus, I look around the cabin, and I figure that they can talk people into taking jobs on these ridiculous machines--who would do it if it wasn't reasonably safe? After a couple of times out on I-95 being bored to death for hours on end, flying is the way to go. Good luck to you! GB