Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mother's birthday - she is affectionately known as Bammy to my kids. She gave this name to herself (it was originally Grammy Bammy, but young mouths shortened it to the most fun word) and it stuck. She tried (unsuccessfully) a few years back to change it to the more socially acceptable Grammy, but the kids were having none of it.

We were planning on all getting together to celebrate over the weekend, but the snow/ice festival effectively put the kibosh on that. So now, we must celebrate virtually. Bammy has her own blog, where she keeps everyone updated and gives us a peek into her life (I think this is why I enjoy blogs so much - I am a voyeur, and enjoy the peeking). Being an interesting person with some unusual hobbies, peeking over there can sometimes be a fun surprise.

We hope you have a wonderful day, Bammy, and enjoy your birthday. We all love you very much, and hopefully can celebrate in person soon!

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grmybmy said...

Thanks for the wishes. The celebration today will be a flu shot followed by a side trip to AC Moore on a quest for black embroidery thread, which seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth...Love, GB