Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Life in Color

Just after Miss Serious was born, the digital camera boom set in. We got one when she was just a few months old, and have been happily snapping pictures with it (and its predecessor) since. All these lovely pictures were downloaded to the computer, and then sent via email to family and friends so that everyone could see every time she stuck her tongue out or held up her head ever so slightly. By the time Big Trouble came along, pictures only got taken when we were at an unusual location or someone was on fire.

The upshot of all this digital photo-taking is that we have no pictures. This does not mean we have no images of our children, but we have almost no actual, hold them in your hands pictures. I decided over the summer to rectify this, and go through the pictures on the computer to pick some to print and place in albums. Unfortunately, because we have taken 700 bajillion photos, this task was rather more daunting than I had planned, and, with my eyes spinning in opposite directions, I finally stopped around the time that Miss Serious would have been 1.

Fast forward several months, and I decided to get my bottom in gear (no subbing most of this week, as Miss Serious has 1/2 days at school) and get some more done. I spent about 2 hours last night going through them, and I've gotten up to about the time Big Trouble was 6 months old. The file in which I'm placing these pictures now has 200 images in it, and I have rather a long way to go. The process is wonderful, however, and it has been awfully fun to go through our lives together through the succession of smiles, messy eating, vacations, birthdays, and general cuteness that lives on my computer. Hopefully one of these days we'll have some albums to flip through and make the cuteness accessible to everyone.


Bezzie said...

Wow, you're better than I am. I thought I was doing good just saving them to CDs so that when the computer finally dies, I'll have those back ups.

The Professor said...

I loved going through the slideshow of the pictures you pulled out, MN. Talk about a blast from the past! Just reminds me all over again that we've got really wonderful kids and they have a great mom.