Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sometimes They Tell The Truth

I like to make things, and I have to say, I love the way the internet helps you learn how to do just about anything, from baking cookies to taping your drywall.  However, even though steps are given, and the author swears that the task is easy peasy, some things go better than others (cookies - excellent; drywall taping - less so...).

So, I was hunting on-line for some things to make for Christmas, and I came across about a jillion videos on YouTube (love YouTube) about how to stamp on candles:
1.  Stamp image on tissue paper
2.  Cut out image and place on candle
3.  Wrap a piece of wax paper around candle long enough that you can hold it in the back
4.  Use your heat gun (I bet a hair dryer would work dandy) to melt image onto candle.

Now, I've made quite a few items in my day, but these were probably some of the quickest and they really worked as advertised.  If you want to see a video, YouTube would take good care of you.

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Bezzie said...

Or if you're feeling really saucy--you can cut out and old xmas card, glue it on there--and then seal it on by dipping the whole shebang (ok, well enough to cover the image) into some clear melted wax.

I like this better though--faster! Very cool!