Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yes, it is once again hot, and I haven't posted in a while because my fingers keep sliding off the keyboard, and my brain doesn't seem capable of coming up with two successive, coherent thoughts in a row. I can handle it for about 3 days, and then I start getting irritated. I like summer, and I like warm weather. What I do not like, however, is sweating in my sleep. It somehow doesn't lend itself to pleasant dreams or restful slumber, and I am looking forward to this particular wave of heat to break SOON. The weather keeps swearing that tomorrow will be better, and then I get to tomorrow, and they push it off yet another day. What a tease.

I've been supervising student teachers this summer, and I'm amazed how many summer school programs are not air conditioned. We've chosen to forgo it in our house, but these poor kids (who really don't want to be in school in the summer anyway) are just wilting by 9:15. Let's all give out a big shout to the powers that be that it's time for a little coolin'.

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Bezzie said...

I'm shocked how many normal non-summer schools don't have A/C! Ah well. Probably saves money for some teacher's salary. Probably better they sweat huh?