Thursday, May 1, 2008

How Green are my Gables?

Got a little knitting finished, and it's actually something I can wear now. Usually I finish a wool sweater which would be perfect to wear during the coldest days of winter, but unfortunately it happens to be August. Or, a lovely cotton tank comes off the needles in early January. This time I timed it right:

It's Green Gable from Zephyrstyle. I knit one last year (in January) and it actually fit, so I thought I'd make another. This is one of the only patterns I've ever paid for as a single pattern, and it was worth every penny (and for cheapo me to say that, you know it's got to be good). It's out of Cotton Fleece, which I got for a song from Little Knits. Apparently there were some problems with some of the dye lots, so they were considered seconds, and the yarn became half price. Their loss was my gain! The pattern is completely in the round, and has some nice lace at the top to add a little interest to an otherwise plain top:

It's a pretty quick knit, and as it actually fits me (as opposed to other unnamed sweaters of late) I'm happy with the result. And, as a bonus, I don't have to wear it under a heavy wool sweater so I don't freeze out in the snow!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice gables! GRMYBMY