Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let It Snow!

Winter has finally decided to be winter. Friday morning we woke up to a coating of several inches of snow. I hardly knew what all that white stuff was - it's been so long since we've seen actual snow here. The kids had vacation anyway, so no snow day for them, but I work at our local library a few (very few) hours a week, and they closed. They've been known to be closed even when the schools can manage to be open - don't know what that's all about.

So I bundled the kids up (my gosh it takes longer to dress and undress for the snow than we actually spend outside, but I digress) so that they could finally roll around in some snow. Anyone who knows me will know this is a great sacrifice on my part; I am not a person who enjoys the cold, and lose the feeling in my toes for pretty much all of winter, but I can suck it up for the kids. They wanted to make a snowman, but it was too fluffy.
They had a good time making snowballs and snow angels. We went out again today, and the snow was easier to pack, so they made this:
My aunt and uncle gave them the snowman clothes for Christmas, and they were despairing that they wouldn't get to use them. The kids were very pleased with their creation, and decided to leave the clothes outside on the snowman; they swore that they wouldn't be upset if someone took them. We'll see...

Sadly, this snowman is better dressed and more coordinated than I am. He probably also has more feeling in his toes.

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