Friday, May 7, 2010

Marian the Librarian Goes to Middle School

I know - it's been forever!  For some reason my computer no longer recognizes my camera, so I can't download any pictures.  And what's a blog without pictures?  I've also been rather busy - getting a job!!!  Last month I saw a position for a fifth grade math teacher for middle school (in a really swanky school district - we're talking uber-swanky here).  Hmmmm, thought I.  I'm not a math specialist, and I've never taught in a middle school.  But, late on the night the applications were due, I sent one off, mostly because it seemed wrong to ignore any job possibilities, no matter how remote they may seem.

Lo and behold, I got a call from said school district inviting me to come for an interview.  I was tempted to ask the caller if they were sure they were trying to contact me, but decided that probably wasn't the way to play it.  I toddled off to the interview (for some reason, even though it was April, it decided to hit 90 degrees on the day I had to strap on pantyhose).  Even more shocking, they called me in for a second interview; I guess that went well, because they requested a demo lesson, and I am now hired for next year!!!!

It's a one-year leave replacement, but sounds like it may have the possibility to turn into something further.  The most surprising part of this whole situation was that though I've spent almost a year job hunting (and getting few calls), this year I had a whole pile at once.  How nice to be the one to call a school and tell them to take your name off the interview list, because you've accepted another position!

Now off to relearn fifth grade math......


The Professor said...

So proud of you, MN! I know it's been a long, hard road, but your perseverance (and awesomeness) carried the day!

grmybmy said...

Our congratulations to you!