Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

I don't particularly have any strong attachment to Columbus Day, but a day off always makes me happy. This year, we actually attended the local Columbus Day parade to watch Big Trouble march with the Cub Scouts. He joined a couple of weeks ago, and has only attended one meeting, but today was the big day. Unfortunately, the day began with me having to sew the many patches onto his new (and frighteningly expensive - I actually suspected that it was sewn together with gold thread, but discovered this not to be the case) cub scout uniform shirt. I made the tactical error of deciding to sew them on by hand rather than drag out the machine, because, as my thought process went, it will just be easier.

Dur. My typing is rather slow at the moment, because my fingertips are sore and tender after being poked numerous times with a needle that didn't want to go through the patches. They are now all applied and he made an adorable little Cub Scout. It was a bit on the chilly side today (even The Professor pulled his jacket out of the closet, which is always a sign to me that I am going to be freezing), but the parade was fun, and it's always interesting seeing the local culture, such as it is.

Back to real life tomorrow!

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