Friday, May 29, 2009

The Good News and the Bad

First the good news:
The phone rang yesterday, and The Professor informed me that it was a school district calling. Is it wrong that my first assumption was that they wanted to sell me raffle tickets? I imagine the shock in my voice was palpable (do you think they write that down in notes somewhere -"Seemed like she couldn't understand why we would have called her...") when they asked me to come in for an interview. It's for a 4th grade leave replacement for one year, and is in a really swanky district about 1/2 hour drive away. Now I have to do something about my scary hair and dig through my closet for something to wear that doesn't cut off my circulation.

Now the bad news:
Big Trouble's kindergarten class got t-shirts with "Class of 2021" printed on the back - awfully cute. We asked him if he knew what that meant, and when he didn't we explained that would be the year he graduated from high school. Unfortunately, when we asked him how old we would be then, he answered, "Dead?"


Bezzie said...

Hahahahahaha! I dunno. 2021 sounds like a LONG time away!!

Good luck with the interview!

grmybmy said...

Hard to think of him finishing HS. Guess you can take that however you want to....GB

The Professor said...

Ummm, I'll take that to mean that it seems like many years until BT's graduation (not that you can't imagine him having the smarts in the old brainbox to ever finish H.S.).

Here's hoping that when his graduation day rolls around I won't "be bones."

the professor's mom said...

Good luck on your interview. I am sure you will be wonderful and they will be thrilled to have you.

I too hope you won't be "bones" when BT grduates from high school.
since I expect to be around then.(Longevity is on my side here.)
Once again good luck on the interview.

The professor's mom