Sunday, March 1, 2009

Six Year Olds Are Cute, Mostly

Well, I spent most of the week subbing in first-grade classrooms. It was a nice gig, because the teachers were doing assessments and in the building. This really helps the poor, hapless sub who can't find the math books, or can't figure out how to turn on the classroom computer.

I enjoyed my time with these children - this is a nice age where they are starting to be able to do things independently, but they are still young enough to love school and be excited by a math game.

They are also still young enough that they are excruciatingly honest. As I am coming up on 39, my hair has taken on a larger percentage of gray hairs. I live in an area where you never see gray hair - everyone here colors their hair almost religiously. I have fought this, as I only get my hair cut about twice a year and can't possibly keep up with all that coloring entails (plus, you know, I'm kinda cheap).

At the end of a lovely day, one little six year old came up to me looking very serious. I asked him what he needed, and looking perplexed he said "Your hair is really different. You have white hairs. But it's brown, too." He didn't stay for an answer, and hopped away. The other children also became interested in my hair, and gave it a good look. I like to think I was the science project for the day, and they were certainly enthusiastic.

I can only hope that this wasn't first topic discussed when their parents asked about their day.

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