Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Til Death Do Us Part

After some sleep and the joy of not having to sit in the car for 7 hours, my brain is now able to string a few coherent thoughts together. We spent a lovely weekend in Rochester where my brother got married. The wedding was charming, and we all enjoyed ourselves, especially the children. At one point in the evening, Miss Serious, while cutting a serious rug on the dance floor announced, "I could do this all night!"

Sadly, I could not, and after two looooong trips in the car and two nights spent sharing a hotel bed with one of my children (who are both incapable of sleeping in any sort of normal way, and are totally unaware of the concept of personal space), I was absolutely thrilled to fall blissfully into my own bed.

Unfortunately, I was not to stay there long. In the wee hours of the night, Big Trouble uttered my most favorite sentence in the whole world, "Mommy, I just threw up in my bed."

It's hard to be the mommy at times like these, because all you want to do is shout, "Oh crap!" but instead you need to nurture the poor little soul who is crying and distressed. And then you need to clean up the bed.

Now, I've cleaned up A LOT of vomit in my time, I think more than the average person. We've had a dog for about 11 years who has knocked over and eaten a lot of garbage, and my children, as previously discussed have about the best gag reflex I have ever seen. So I'm not new to vomit. When I say that this was the most revolting of all, I know of which I speak.

After all the cleanup, I finally fell asleep 3 hours later; the next morning the kids were bouncing around, just as full of energy as ever, and even though I had about 9 cups of coffee, I was barely able to function.

I was thinking during the wedding how young and fresh-faced the married couple looked, and when I think about it, I used to look that way too. I can't imagine what's brought about the change.


Bezzie said...

Ah yes, that immortal sentence. I love the way bed-vomit finds its way onto every last blanket and sheet.

grmybmy said...

There actually does come a day when you say to yourself "Ah--this is what it was for!" Unfortunately for you, it is pretty far in the distance...Grmybmy

J$ said...

Oh, dang--not a fun way to spend your first night back in your own bed. :(